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Diamond blades for Raimondi wet saws

Diamond blades for Raimondi wet saws – We have produced a brief video to describe the various wet saw blades we sell and how to change them and maintain/dress them to prolong their lives.

See our video here

A regular operator error when using wet saws is not dressing the blade frequently. This means the diamonds are not properly presented to the material being cut, the operator then tries to force the blade through the material and ends up shortening the life of the blade

Dressing stones are very cheap to buy, for example see our selection here

diamond blade maintenance by tilers tools and raimondi
Dressing stone for diamond saws


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Cheshire Construction pick up their Pikus 105

Cheshire Construction pick up their Pikus 105 from Tilers Tools

Phil Symms of Cheshire Construction & Coatings couldn’t wait to get his new Raimondi Pikus 105 wet saw delivered the next day.  So he collected it in his Discovery!  The PIKUS is an ideal machine for the work Phil’s tiler wishes to do in cutting porcelain tiles circa 600×600.

Staff at Tilers Tools were amazed when Phil opened the back of his vehicle as it was already full of tools and equipment.  However as the second photo shows, he managed to get the PIKUS 105 and all his tools in the back – talk about driving a TARDIS-like vehicle!

Cheshire Construction undertake building refurbishments and Phil can be contacted on 01942 74441, email;

The Raimondi PIKUS 105 Bridge Wet Saw Machine is middle of the range and has a 115V 1.3HP motor.  It can cut granite, marble, porcelain, single and double fired tiles, bricks, cement, etc. This wet cutter has an adjustable cutting depth up to 80mm single pass and 150mm double pass.  Also a tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts between 0 and 45° and a maximum length of cut of 105cm. The framework is cast and extruded aluminium and you can remove the large format (38l) water tank for easy cleaning. The sliding motor assembly with cast aluminium housing has four re-adjustable pulleys (double bearings).  A heavy duty dual nozzle water pump provides superior blade calling. Legs are telescopic with an anti-collapse device and wheels for easy transport. Blade guards pivot to remain parallel with tile for maximum cutting depth and float to provide extra safety in operation.  The PIKUS comes with a 250mm diamond disc.