Jacoboard High Quality Construction Boards

Thanks to their extruded polystyrene foam core and the special coating on both sides, the JACKOBOARD construction boards are the ideal base for plaster and tile.

The surfaces of the JACKOBOARD system provide a strong primer and can be used on virtually any substrate.  At the same time, they are water-repellent, thermally insulating, light and sturdy.

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Click here to see our CLFM Blades multi buy special offer 2019

These are fantastic blades for cutting porcelain, available in 115mm, 125mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm, and now they are available at equally fantastic prices through our special offer. We have excellent discounts available for these blades when purchased in numbers. Perfect for use with our Zoe and Pikus wet saws.

Different pricing discounts are available on purchases of these blades (available for next-day delivery) for 2 to 5, 6 to 10, and 11 or more blades respectively. Email at or call 01565 344 860.

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Kerakoll Adhesives

Kerakoll adhesives for professional tiling, landscaping, and building contractors are valued for being great products to use, kind on the environment and to people.

Over the years, Kerakoll has built up a unique legacy, becoming favoured by by leading architects, designers and those working in the tiling, landscaping, building and restoration industries and are the choice supplier of product for corporate clients such as McDonald’s, Armani, BMW, Ferrari, Zara, Diesel, Ikea, Mercedes, Dolce & Gabbana, Swatch and Coca Cola.


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EMCO Entrance Mats

EMCO’s head office and main manufacturing plants are located in Germany, a country famed for its manufacturing and engineering excellence. EMCO are world leaders in the design and manufacture of technical entrance matting systems and swimming pool drainage grills.

Tilers Tools stocks EMCO’s modular entrance matting systems, Aviator and Connexx which can be supplied ‘off the shelf’ for next day delivery for those urgent jobs.

You can see our video of the three-stage mat system from EMCO here.


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Kaufmann Tile Cutters and tools

The company Kaufmann GmbH was founded in 1957 and is a family ran business based in Austria. By end of the 1960’s the production of tile cutting machines are already well established and the company rapidly developed a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality tools.

Robust, well made and with all parts replaceable, Kaufmann tile cutters come in a versatile range of sizes and models – from entry level models like the Superflies 600mm to professional models in larger sizes such as the Topline Pro 1250mm. Have a look at our demonstration video.


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FILA – For Porcelain, Tiles and Stone

Founded 1943, FILA has achieved international excellence in systems for the protection and care of all surfaces.

FILA has developed first class chemicals for the whole range of treatment stages; pre-treatment chemicals to protect material during grouting, washing after laying chemicals to make subsequent stages of protection and maintenance easier. There are protection and protective chemicals to prevent materials from absorbing water or oils, and finishing chemicals to help protect it from surface wear and imbue certain aesthetic properties such as a shiny, matte or wet look. FIAL also has solutions for regular cleaning, removing footprints, restoring and reinforcing protective the protective layer

See Fila’s washing and cleaning station removal system , and on cleaning and protecting grout joints.

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Preparation and Mixing

Preparation and mixing – We supply a range of machines that will aid in preparing the bare floor substrates to receive various finishes. Machines for mixing screeds, adhesives and grouts in good volumes for large floor areas. Our mixers range from hand-held to stand alone, enabling a mix being prepared while the fitter is laying tiles, avoiding downtime. Our screeding tools for mortar bed levelling and vibration systems allow for tilers to install monolithic floors in industrial and heavy trafficked areas.

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Tile and Stone Handling

Tile and Stone Handling – From handling small stone slabs to very large format tiles, Raimondi tools cover the whole range. We supply benches, trolleys for moving tiles, systems for handling big slabs (over 4 metres), tools for moving and manoeuvering tiles. Our systems can also facilitate back-buttering of large slabs comfortably.

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Tile & Stone Cutting

Tile & Stone Cutting – You need to cut tiles or stone. We offer a wide range of equipment for cutting tiles and stone in a variety of sizes. Wet saws and bridge saws for tiles and stone, brick saws and our Free Cut for cutting large format tiles.  Machines to produce mitres and bullnosed edges. Machines and a variety of tools for cutting holes in tiles and stone. Drill bits. Wet cutting and dry cutting machines. We also supply manual tile cutters.

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Tile Fixing

Raimondi fixing tools are widely used in many countries around the world.  RaiFix mechanical fixing system to secure tiles and stone over 500mm in size at height, particularly in public areas.  Groove cutting machine and steel fixing plates supplied.  The self-levelling systems can save time and money, as well as increase client satisfaction, reducing lipping, particularly when laying larger tiles.  There’s a range of tools for measuring and aiding layout of tiles.  We supply a range of knee pads, suction pads for moving tiles and rubber mallets for fixing.  We also supply a complete range of spacers and expansion joints.  We have a special range of tools for fixing very large tiles, including anti-bouncing tile beater and suction pads and vacuum handling cups for riven surfaces.

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