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Stuart Bray cannot wait for his new PIKUS 130 Wet Saw!

Stuart Bray, owner of SB Solutions, is increasingly in demand for domestic tiling jobs around Cheshire.  Stuart decided he needed to buy a new Raimondi wet saw to help him achieve a professional finish with his prestigious projects.  Stuart visited us in our Appleton warehouse and examined the various saws we offer.  He thought long and hard between the ZOE 130 and the Pikus 130 and decided the Pikus 130 was the machine for him.  Both are excellent machines which are capable of years of faithful service.  Jim Stott, our National Sales and Marketing Director offered to deliver the machine but after Jim had demonstrated the Pikus’s capabilities, Stuart was keen to start using the machines on site, so Jim helped load the machine into Stuart’s pick up!

You can contact Stuart on;


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Spatex pool and spa trade show

Greg MD of Profix Tiling and Stuart, MD of Aquacut Group get down to serious business at the Spatex Pool and Spa show at the Wasp Arena near Coventry.

The three day show was well attended by the great and the good in the pool and spa supply industry.

Profix Tiling Limited have a number of teams finishing both domestic and commercial pools, including surface preparation and tiling.  Greg can be contacted on; mobile, 07898 105019 or email,

We met up with our friends at Global Stone ( Global Stone supply stone and porcelain tiles, including 20mm thick tiles increasingly being used in landscaping and pool finishes; Aquacut creates bespoke finishes for Global Stone, including drainage grills, steps and pool edges with bullnosed finishes.  Global also sell a number of our Raimondi products to assist their clients achieve the best results.  The following photograph shows 20mm thick porcelain tiles cut to create a corner feature with drainage channels, bullnosed edge and anti-slip grooves.  The two colours makes a smart feature.


We also met up with our chums at EMCO (  EMCO are manufacturers of technical mats and drainage systems (among other things).  We recently concluded an arrangement for us to stock and distribute their high quality products.

You can view a brief video of their highly effective three-zone cleaning system here;


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RAIZOR system. New equipment for cutting and bullnosing large format tiles

Raimondi recently launched the new RAIZOR cutting system and the POWER RAIZOR cutter.  These exciting new products are taking the market by storm and demand is high from professional tilers.

The RAIZOR cutting system comes in its own convenient carry bag and includes;

  • two rails which when joined together can be used to cut tiles over three metres long
  • a cutting head and
  • pliers for tiles up to 5mm thick
  • optional extras include a one metre extension to the rails to enable tiles over four metres to be processed and heavy duty pliers for thicker tiles

The POWER RAIZOR is for use on the RAIZOR cutting system above.  This assembly comes complete with 110V grinder, diamond blade and various tools.  The POWER RAIZOR will make light work of dry cutting tiles.  The assembly can be set up in pre-selected angles of 90 degrees for straight cuts, 45 degrees for mitres and 180 degrees for horizontal cutting or for attaching a diamond wheel to enable bullnosed edges to be created

From early demonstrations to professional tilers there is great excitement about the products and these systems are flying off the shelves, such that supply is struggling to keep up with demand.

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Seasonal shut down

Seasonal shutdown at Tilers Tools


Tilers Tools wish all our clients, suppliers and friends a very happy Christmas and 2018


It’s that time of year again for the seasonal shutdown at Tilers Tools and to send our seasonal greetings to all of our loyal clients, friends and suppliers and wish you a very enjoyable break.

We will be closed 25th and 26th December and the 1st January 2018.  We will be operating with a skeleton staff on the 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th December, so should you find difficulty getting in touch with someone, please feel free to leave a message on our answer machine  on 01565 344 860 and we will get back to  you as soon as possible.

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Another ZOE bridge saw delivered to a happy client

tilers tools, zoe, raimondi, bridge saw, wet saw, tile cutting, tile cutter, Another ZOE bridge saw delivered to a happy client

Another ZOE bridge saw delivered to a happy client –   These ZOEs are in real demand from our professional clients.  Portable but man enough for large jobs.

Tilers tools, exclusive agents for Raimondi Spa stock all the blades and other accessories you will need for any one of the three Zoe bridge saws currently available.  Tilers tools always carry wet saws, bridge saws and tile saws in stock, available for next day delivery and Jim Stott, our resident tiling expert, is always available for advice on all products from Raimondi.

Description of the Zoe 150 Advanced Tile Wet Saw Machine

The Raimondi Zoe 150 Advanced Tile Wet Saw Machine is suitable for cutting granite, marble, porcelain, single and double fired tiles, bricks, cement, etc. This wet cutter has an adjustable cutting depth and a tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts between 0 and 45° and a maximum length of cut of 155cm. The framework is cast and extruded aluminium and the large format (38l) water tank is removable for easy cleaning. A heavy duty dual nozzle water pump provides superior blade calling. Legs are telescopic with an anti-collapse device and wheels for easy transport. Blade guards pivot to remain parallel with tile for maximum cutting depth and float to provide extra safety in operation. A pressure device holds the tile steady and the Square is re-adjustable for long-lasting precision.

Click on the links to find out more about the Zoe 150Zoe 130  or Zoe 105 and the full range of Zoe accessories here

And if you’d like to be the recipient of another ZOE bridge saw delivered to a happy client then please get in touch either by phoning the office on 01565 344 860, sales director Jim Stott on 07860 502410, via email on or via our contact page

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Professional tiler, Steve Troy uses Raimondi tile handling

Professional tiler, Steve Troy uses Raimondi tile handling, raimondi, tile handling, tilers tools, large format tiles

Professional tiler, Steve Troy uses Raimondi tile handling – When Steve Troy needed new large slab handling equipment and a levelling system, he know he could rely on Tilers Tools.  Steve is the more prosperous looking one on the right

For large slab handling, Steve uses our range of Raimondi equipment and tools including our benches, Free-Cut and Easy Move systems as well as being a fan of the Raimondi Levelling System which has an increasing following in the UK.

For more information click here for technical info

Great job Steve.

As large slabs are becoming increasingly popular, tilers need the right tools and equiment to handle them properly.  Jim Stott, our National Sales and Marketing Director is frequently in demand to provide demonstrations of the right equipment, tools and consumables and how to use them properly.  If you wish to discuss your large slab project, or have any queries about our large range of equipment, tools and consumables, feel free to give Jim a call – he’s a professional tiler with many years of experience – 07860 502410.

For example there is the DOUBLE EASY-MOVE ADV With Crossbars


The Raimondi DOUBLE EASY-MOVE ADV with cross-bars is designed for handling large tiles and slabs up to 320 x 160cm. It has telescopic profiles allowing variable extension for maximum versatility. Once attached, the EASY-MOVE’s sturdy construction means that slabs can easily be pulled from crates or pallets for smooth and safe handling. Handles have positioning options to adapt to the height of the edge of the crate. Provided with 8 stain-proof vacuum suction cups (150mm diameter) with vacuum guages and crossbars.

Please note that the EASY-MOVE system is designed for applying to slabs while they are on a firm base and in a horizontal position.  Downward pressure should be applied to the vacuum cups when pumping them to create the suction.  The system is not designed to be applied to tiles in the vertical position, such as when they are on an A Frame, however once correctly applied on the horizontal, the slab can be gently lifted onto the vertical position, checking the vacuum cups periodically that they are maintaining suction.


Professional tiler, Steve Troy uses Raimondi tile handling and has his own tiling business.  You can contact Steve at;

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Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom

Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom.  These porcelain planks were being laid one-third brick bonded.

Despite a slight bend in the tiles, lipping was avoided by using the Raimondi Levelling System (RLS) supplied by Tilers Tools.  You can see the full range here

tile levelling, tile leveling, raimondi, tilers tools
Large area of tiles in a new car showroom – despite the tiles being lipped the RLS by Tilers Tools ensured a nice level surface


R.L.S. has a range of high quality clips (bases) which meets all Tilers Tools’ clients’ needs – here’s some technical stuff!


R.L.S. offers several kind of clips suitable for materials of minimum thickness 3 mm and maximum 20 mm (1/8” – 3/4”) and which leave joint between the tiles of 1.5 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm (1/16” – 1/8” – 5/32”).

All R.L.S. clips have the breaking point very close to the plane where the tiles lay (1.2 mm – 3/64”). This means the system can be used without any problem even on very thin tiles (3 mm – 1/8”) since it still remains a gap of 1.8 mm (5/64”) for the grout.

Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom
Detailed view of one of the RLS range of clips

R.L.S. clips are made with premium quality plastics whose composition has been severely tested to ensure the perfect balance between elasticity and resistance.

R.L.S. clips are available in a various packaging (from 100 and up to 2,000 pieces) to best fit the needs and consumption of each job site..

The RLS is suitable for all tile installations – this picture is of the Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom – shop floors, factories, car showrooms are all ideal locations.

Shopfitters, contractors and architects  are all specifiying Tilers Tools as the only authorised supplier of Ramondi equipment in the UK.

All the models of the R.L.S. clips use the same wedge and the same pliers.

The pliers are, of course, also available on the tilers tools website here

and there’s a great video on youtube of theRaimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom – just click below or here

Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom

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Raimondi ECO compact saw, 23 years old still going strong

Our good client Steve Sinnott is a specialist in refurbishing Victorian tiled floors.  Steve’s attention to detail and an eye for good quality products means he’s in constant demand for renovation projects in the UK and abroad.  Steve’s Raimondi ECO compact saw, 23 years old still going strong

Amongst Steve’s selection of saws and tools is his Raimondi compact saw which he has used regularly for 23 years.  Steve is very pleased with its performance.  You can see all the specs here  – available now from Tilers Tools

The photos below shows the after and before on a floor Steve renovated – great work Steve!

Steve can be contacted;

Heritage Tiling & Restoration Co

Office: 0151 920 7349

Mob: 07946 478901

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Take the strain off your knees with the Raimondi Nelson Rolling Seat

Take the strain off your knees with the Raimondi Nelson Rolling Seat, knee strain, back strain

No, it’s not Toulouse Lautrec, it’s Andy Carroll sitting down on the job! Take the strain off your knees with the Raimondi Nelson Rolling Seat.

The Raimondi Nelson rolling seat with knee pads combines a seat and knee pads.  This gives great support and versatility when laying tiles helping to avoid occupational injuries to knees and back.

Ideal for spreading adhesive and other floor jobs or anywhere you have to be in a stooped or kneeling position for an extended period of time.

The seat is height adjustable and allows the weight to be transferred through the seat rather than through the knees.  Take the strain off your knees with the Raimondi Nelson Rolling Seat

tiler, knees, back strain, easy, health & safety
Take the strain off your knees with the Raimondi Nelson Rolling Seat.  The Raimondi Rolling Seat with Knee Pad is comfortable and strong. The ergonomic design helps prevent occupational injuries associated with the knees and back.
The Nelson is ideal for adhesive spreading and other floor jobs or anywhere yo have to be in a stooped or kneeling position for an extended period of time.

The seat/knee pad combination takes considerable pressure off the knees which is a real plus for professional tilers such as Andy.  See more details of the Nelson

Other uses

Roller skate substitute – just make sure you’re strapped on and wear the full range of knee protection from Tilers Tools here 

Hostess Trolley – one of these on each corner of a Raimondi Maxi Modular Bench makes an invaluable kitchen assistant from when a horde of thirsty tilers turn up unexpectedly.

Useful way of adding extra capacity when your car or van is full.

Just tie the Nelson Rolling Seat to your back bumper – ask  your additional passenger to assume the kneeling position and Bob’s your uncle.

Take the strain off your knees with the Raimondi Nelson Rolling Seat

*Visit Andy Carroll & Sons Limited

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National Paving Supplier bowled over with trials of ZOE Wet Saw

We recently met with a well known, national supplier of paving.  We demonstrated the ZOE wet saw (or bridge saw) and left them with a model to use for themselves.

Results were great!  And their judgement?

  • it is quiet
  • it has a strong build quality is a lot less messy than other brands they’d tried,
  • the cutting quality is impressive
  • overall that it is the best bridge saw they have experienced.

As a result they were so impressed that they bought one for their own use.

The photos show samples of the sort of paving the company and their clients need to cut.  The Zoe wet saw cuts as cleanly as a whistle and with minimum effort.

National paving suplier trial 2 National paving supplier trial 1

Zoe – for the ultimate cutting experience

ZOE 105, ZOE 130 and ZOE 150.  This is by far the most popular wet saw we sell and has had great reviews from our clients – a national paving supplier described the ZOE Wet Saw as the best wet saw they had ever seen.  The ZOE Wet Saw has a powerful 2.2HP motor, capable of cutting really challenging materials such as granite and thick porcelain tiles.  Because of this it is fast becoming a favourite with landscapers as well as tilers.  The ZOE has the removable tank, uses a 350mm diameter diamond blade and will cut through 120mm thick material on a single pass.

Our website pages describe all of our Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws.  Please read our blog on the full Raimondi range here.  If you’d like to chat about your requirements and discuss the best machine for your project, please call us.  Our National Sales and Marketing Director is Jim Stott on 07860 502410.  Jim is a professional tiler with decades of tiling experience and, as a result, fully understands tilers’ needs.  Alternatively call Stuart, Tilers Tools’ MD, on 01565 750 666

Tilers Tools is part of the Aquacut Group.  Aquacut Ltd – Waterjet cutters  Tilers Tools – agents for Raimondi  TT Trims – agents for Profilitec Trims

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