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Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws

Zoe 130 Bridge Saw Machine

Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws. Which one is correct?  Wet Saws, Wet Cutters or Bridge Saws?  Whether you use the term wet saws (most popular), wet cutters or bridge saws to find what you are searching for on the Web, the range of saws on offer can make decision making difficult.

At Tilers Tools, we only stock Raimondi wet saws.  The build quality is good and the cost is competitive, meaning they are great value.

The Raimondi Range of Saws

We stock four families of wet saw in a variety of sizes. So there are usually ten different permutations in stock to choose from.  In our view, this ought to provide a suitable range of machines.  From entry level bridge saws to heavy duty wet cutters for large projects, Tilers Tools sell them all.  Raimondi manufacture over twenty different family/size combinations and we can order any that we do not usually stock.  The following table shows the comparison between the most frequently bought wet saws (click on the picture to expand);

Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws

We stock the following Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws which can be viewed individually in this Website.  All the machines we stock are 110V, suitable for use on site.

Exploit Saws – the entry level saw

Exploit 70 and Exploit 90.  These are the entry level machines with a 0.9HP motor and fixed water tank.  It’s used for lighter, smaller material but can cut up to 700mm long and 45mm deep in a single pass. It uses either a 180mm or 200mm diamond blade.  It can also plunge cut and can be angled to cut mitred/bevelled edges.  The Exploit 90 is similar to the Exploit 70 but can cut longer material (up to 900mm long).

Bolt Saws – for deeper cutting

Bolt 90, Bolt 120 and Bolt 150.  The Bolt has a more powerful 1.3HP motor.  It has similar attributes to the Exploit but uses a larger 250mm diamond blade.  This allows for a cutting depth of 55mm on a single pass.

Pikus – for even stronger cutting

Pikus 105 and Pikus 130.  The Pikus has a similar motor to the Bolt but has a belt transmission which produces cutting power stronger than the Bolt.  The Pikus has a plastic removable tray to make cleaning much easier.  It will cut through material 55mm thick in a single pass.

Zoe – for the ultimate cutting experience

ZOE 105, ZOE 130 and ZOE 150.  This is by far the most popular wet saw we sell and has had great reviews from our clients – a national paving supplier described it as the best wet saw they had ever seen.  The ZOE has a powerful 2.2HP motor, capable of cutting really challenging materials such as granite and thick porcelain tiles.  It has become a favourite with landscapers as well as tilers.  The ZOE has the removable tank, uses a 350mm diameter diamond blade and will cut through 120mm thick material on a single pass.

All of our Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws are described in our Website pages.  If you’d like to chat about your requirements and discuss the best machine for your project, please call us.  Our National Sales and Marketing Director is Jim Stott on 07860 502410.  Jim is a professional tiler with decades of tiling experience and fully understands tilers’ needs.  Alternatively call Stuart, Tilers Tools’ MD, on 01565 750 666

Tilers Tools is part of the Aquacut Group.  Aquacut Ltd – Waterjet cutters  Tilers Tools – agents for Raimondi  TT Trims – agents for Profilitec Trims

Aquacut Group - Aquacut Ltd - Tilers Tools - TT Trims
Aquacut Group Logo
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Tilers Tools explains new Going Greener policy

Tilers Tools explains new Going Greener policy.  Tilers Tools are going green. Some customers were surprised when they receive a carton from us that may appear to be for a different product.  For example, we have been known to send out goods in a box that may have contained a vacuum cleaner. We had purchased this for our own use.

Please rest assured that we only sell genuine Raimondi goods and the ‘foreign’ box is merely our attempt to recycle as much as possible.  It also means that we can maintain our low packaging costs and, thereby, the price to our customers.

Tilers Tools explains new “Going Greener” policy.  Their sister company, Aquacut Ltd, is at the head of innovative “green” practices in the industry.  For example they have recently installed state of the art water recirculation machinery to minimise water consumption.  At the Aquacut Group’s new headquarters in Appleton near Warrington brand new LED lighting is being incorporated into the building work.  An estimated saving of £000’s in electricity costs is expected and a resultant reduction in greenhouse gases.  Turning off all the heating in winter was also considered but the workforce took a dim view of such a policy!

Tilers Tools and the Aquacut group also work closely with their suppliers to minimise transport costs.  We ensure as full a load as possible for shipping either from our Italian suppliers or within the UK.  All pallets and other packaging material such as polystyrene and plastic wraps are reused as much as is possible.

Feedback from our customers is very positive as we know that you value our ‘green’ efforts.  So if you have any suggestions as to how Tilers Tools could further reduce their impact on the environment then please let us know at

Find us at Tilers Tools, TT Trims & Aquacut Ltd

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Large format tile handling – “BEWARE OF CHEAP VACUUM CUPS”

In a large format tile handling test Raimondi recently tested a cheap vacuum cup against a standard Raimondi vacuum cup.  The video posted on YouTube shows a Raimondi product with the vacuum gauge and a cheap blue vacuum cup.  The cheap cup loses its vacuum in seconds while the Raimondi cup retains the vacuum for considerably longer.

Vacuum cups are regularly used in connection with handling large format tiles. These tiles are heavy and need top class tools to handle them.  The cheap vacuum cup just isn’t fit for purpose and would pose a real health & safety hazzard.

See video on YouTube

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Tilers Tools were present at Cersaie

Stuart Middleton and Jim Stott attended the Cersaie show on the Raimondi stand. There were lots of Raimondi products on display and many people visited discussed their various projects and how Raimondi equipment could help them.

Cersaie is a huge tile show and attracts companies and visitors from around the world.  It’s a great place to meet customers and strike up new relationships.

The photo shows Stuart and Jim on either side of Roberto Ciriminna, the Export Manager at Raimondi.

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Professional tiler, Steve Troy uses Raimondi

When Steve Troy needed new large slab handling equipment and a levelling system, he know he could rely on Tilers Tools.  Steve is the more prosperous looking one on the right

For large slab handling, Steve uses our range of Raimondi equipment and tools including our benches, Free-Cut and Easy Move systems as well as being a fan of the Raimondi Levelling System which has an increasing following in the UK.

Great job Steve.

As large slabs are becoming increasingly popular, tilers need the right tools and equiment to handle them properly.  Jim Stott, our National Sales and Marketing Director is frequently in demand to provide demonstrations of the right equipment, tools and consumables and how to use them properly.  If you wish to discuss your large slab project, or have any queries about our large range of equipment, tools and consumables, feel free to give Jim a call – he’s a professional tiler with many years of experience – 07860 502410.


Steve Troy has his own tiling business.  You can contact Steve at;

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Tilers Tools in expansion mode

Tilers Tools parent company, Aquacut Limited has recently completed the purchase of new premises.  These are five times larger than their current base and will give plenty of scope for the continued expansion of all three divisions of Aquacut Limited.

Following the recent launch of TT Trims, Aquacut group now comprises three distinct but related divisions;

  1. Aquacut ( is the processing company creating beautiful as well as fuctional building finishes from tiles, stone, metals and other materials.  We offer a wide range of services including waterjet cutting, bullnosing, manufacturing air bricks, step and riser cladding (offering a range of anti-slip features), epoxy bonding and painting, etching, swimming pool features, corporate logos and motifs and house signs.
  2. Tilers Tools which is the UK distributor for Raimondi SpA of Italy.  Raimondi design and manufacture high quality equipment, tools and consumables for professional tilers, landscapers and builders.
  3. TT Trims ( is the most recent division.  TT Trims are the UK distributors for Profilitec SpA.  Profilitec design and manufacture high quality trims, profiles, wet room systems and accessories for the building industry.

Stuart Middleton, Managing Director of Aquacut Limited said; “The three divisions of Aquacut group gives us much wider scope to serve our loyal clients with high quality services and products.  We are already using the new premises for the storage and distribution of our Tlers Tools and TT Trims products.  We will have a greater ability to display our products.  We have also launched our training academy which offers professionals in the building industry the opportunity to learn about the wide range of products and services, tips and techniques that can make their projects even better.”

The new premises are located just off the M6/M56 junction in Cheshire so are ideally located as a base to serve all our clients throughout the UK.

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Another Raimondi Maxititina and Bertha in action

Jim Stott, Tilers Tools National Sales & Marketing Director recently delivered a new Berta Sponge Machine and Raimondi Maxititina machine to Greg at Profix Tiling Limited.  Greg and his team were hooked as soon as they experienced the machines in action.

Greg used the Maxititina to apply epoxy grout and then after a wash, used the Berta sponge machine to clean up.  The end result was excellent and the machines saved Greg and his team a lot of time and kept them off their knees – they are firm converts.

Raimondi specialise in the manufacture of machines, tools and consumables for the professional tiling market.  Established in the 1974, Raimondi have established a growing international reputation for excellence in design and manufacture.

Feel free to call Jim on 07860 502410.  Jim is a professional tiler with decades of experience, so is always happy to discuss how Tilers Tools products may help you achieve the best results for your projects.

Profix Tiling specialise in preparation and tiling of swimming pools.  You can contact them on 07898 105019.


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Maxititina in action

The Maxititina in action with professional tiler Andy Carroll.

The Maxititina is for use only by professional tilers and makes light work of large floor areas.  Used for smoothing mortar base and grouting with the single rotating brush and for polishing, sanding, cleaning and treatments using the dual rotating speed.  May be used to spread epoxy.  The Maxititina takes attachments from 450-600mm so is a series bit of kit that enables professional tilers to work faster and have a great finish.  Call Jim Stott, our National Sales & Marketing Director (07860 502410) to discuss your large scale project and how Tilers Tools can save you time, money and increase customer satisfaction.


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Tilers Tools enters into exciting new exclusive agreement with Profilitec

We are delighted to announce that this week we agreed to become the exclusive UK distributors for Profilitec SpA.

Profilitec was established in the 1960’s and is widely recognised as an innovator and manufacturer of high quality trims and profiles for floors, walls, steps and balconies/patios.  Based in northern Italy where design and manufacturing is located, the company has a strong presence in many international markets but were under-represented in the UK.  When they recently approached Tilers Tools, we could immediately see the synergies between our respective companies – Profilitec’s corporate values include innovation, high quality products and reliability; values that are shared by Tilers Tools and it’s parent Aquacut Limited.  We serve the same markets and are passionate about customer service.

We are in the process of building the business platforms with a view to a full launch early in the New Year, meantime we will hold stocks of the fastest selling items for next day delivery in the UK, with other items and samples being despatched from Italy for three working days delivery.

Profilitec has a market-leading range of innovative products and the quality is unbeaten. You can view Profilitec’s product range on their website.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more or you are interested in becoming a dealer or retailer of Profilitec’s products;

01565 750666.  Email;


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Mosaic Expert arrives in the UK


Tilers Tools has been invited to become the exclusive United Kingdom distributor for the Canadian designed Mosaic Expert tool.

Jim Stott, our National Sales & Marketing Director was excited when he saw the Mosaic Expert in action.  Jim said; “In all my years of professional tiling, I have never seen a tool like this one.  It will speed up mosaic border installation, avoiding the need to pack out walls and floors and results in a great finish, increasing customer satisfaction.  This robustly built tool has been made to last and is a must for any professional tiler.”

Watch two short videos Mosaic Expert

The Mosaic Expert Tool was created to resolve a time consuming problem that tiling professionals have to deal with when it comes to installing mosaic borders. As we know, the difference between the thickness of a ceramic tile and a mosaic border is what makes a perfect installation so difficult to achieve. With this specialised mosaic cement trowel, all you need to do is fill the cement equal to top and bottom tiles, measure the mosaic border, slide the gage to the appropriate width and this will give perfect results every time