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Tilers Tools is an eCommerce web store for tiling and landscaping equipment from quality brands such as Raimondi SpA, Kaufmann, IMEX, Fila, Kerakoll, Profilitec, and Jackoboard, and is part of the Aquacut Group.

Here is a list of answers to some frequently asked questions about our delivery process.

Where are you based, and can I drop by and visit?

– We are based in Appleton within Warrington, in the North West UK;  you’re very welcome to visit! Many of our high-quality machines and equipment are available for you to see or perhaps even get hands-on with. Click to find us with Google Maps!

Can I get free delivery?

– When spending over £120 before VAT on our online store, delivery becomes free, exempting certain products such as very heavy goods. Pallets of Kerakoll goods are also available for free delivery, on a two-day service rather than next-day. We’re able to ship goods to all parts of the UK for next working day delivery for £12. Some areas, such as Ireland, Northern Ireland or rural Scotland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man may take additional time for goods to arrive.

If I place my order now, when will I receive it?

– For parcels and packages (small and medium-sized items under 30kg) we use DPD Local as our courier service. We advise our customers that any orders requiring next day delivery should be placed before 14:00. Whilst we can still take and process orders after this time, this window gives us sufficient time to collect and prepare your own and other customers’ orders for delivery. Alternatively, there may be some days where we must prioritize orders purchased the day before or earlier in the morning. If you’re not sure or would like to know more, please feel free to call us on 01565 344 860.

For heavier items and pallets, please see below.

What time will my delivery arrive?

– Our DPD deliveries are next-day as standard. DPD drivers deliver their parcels in an area along a designated route designed to minimize the distance between one address and the next and maximize efficiency. We can provide your email to DPD who will send you an email providing an hour-long window in which they expect to deliver your parcel (e.g your delivery will arrive between 11:37 and 12:37), what number in the “queue” of deliveries you are, as well as tracking information for the delivery vehicle.

What if I need my item delivered on early / over the weekend?

Saturday / Sunday and AM (by 10:30) delivery options are also available from us, though not through the online store, so please contact us to place your order by phone or email if it is required. If you require these services or help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email to , or call us on 01565 344 860, and we will do our best to sort you out. For heavier items and pallets, please see below.

Why can I only buy some items one at a time?

– Some products are restricted in quantity due to their size and weight becoming problematic when purchased in multiples, requiring additional procedures and costs to be considered for the delivery process. In the case of CLFM Blades, we have an offer available for buying multiple at once, and there is a drop-down menu to select how many you need in order to make use of this rather than buying individual blades at full price. There are limited items we have placed this restriction on, but we encourage anyone buying such items in larger quantities to get in touch with us on 01565 344 860 or emailing .

What if I want to collect my order?

– By default, our online store has a carriage charge, exempting orders over £120 before VAT. If you want to collect your order though, we request you to get in touch with us on 01565 344 860 or email so we can help arrange it. For security reasons, we may have to refund any orders that you purchase online and wish to collect without prior notice or arrangement.

What if I am ordering a wet saw?

– Some large, heavy or otherwise fragile items may require a pallet incur a delivery charge of £50 to cover the costs of transport via Edge / Palletline (£75 for a double pallet). These include things like our wet saws or transformers for the wet saws, or other heavy machinery. Whilst some items are technically within the height and weight criteria for transport via DPD, we prefer to ship some items via pallets as it is a safer way of transporting them, without risking them being roughly handled and limiting the risk of damage in transit.

What if I am ordering pallets of Kerakoll?

– For pallets of Kerakoll grouts, adhesives and powders, we can request Kerakoll to ship these out on a 48 hour delivery service (day after tomorrow if ordered early enough) If you are considering placing an order for Kerakoll, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can confirm if Kerakoll has the stock available for you, and we may be able to negotiate a discount depending on the quantity or product you are after. This service is free to compensate for the slightly longer lead time. We also carry certain Kerakoll products in our warehouse, including pallets of certain adhesives and grouts, so if you require next-day delivery or the ability to collect, we again encourage you to get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

Why can I still pick free delivery for some large items?

– Whilst you do have the option to pick the free delivery, this is for the intention of collecting your purchases rather than being delivered. If you wish for these goods to be delivered, you must pay the £50 carriage fee if it is listed. Additionally, please get in touch with us ahead of time if you wish to place an order for collection. Collections arranged for valuable purchases without our notice or awareness can not be honored due to security and fraud prevention policies. Only Kerakoll pallet orders are exempt from this charge unless you have arranged for next-day delivery from us.

When will my pallet order arrive?

– With the exception of Kerakoll pallets unless specifically arranged, any orders going out on a pallet, such as our wet saws, are shipped out through Palletline. In order to qualify for next-day delivery, they must be booked on for delivery before 12:00. We highly advise purchasing any deliveries requiring a pallet early in the morning so we have time to pick out the item, test it (if applicable) and then prepare them for next-day delivery. Purchases or consignments booked after this time will be collected the day after, for delivery the day after that.

For example: Purchase on Monday 10:00 am – we can arrange to have it collected on the same day and you can receive it on Tuesday. Alternatively, purchase on Monday 14:00 pm, we cannot arrange it to be collected the same day – it will be collected from us on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday instead.

For Kerakoll pallets, we can request Kerakoll to deliver it from their stock holding facilities on a two-day delivery service. Therefore, delivery for these does not apply the Palletline carriage charge and is a free delivery service.

Please note that as with our parcels, deliveries to Northern Ireland, Ireland or rural Scotland may take an additional day.


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Call 01565 344 860 or email


– Tilers Tools Team