FILACR10 Cleaner of Epoxy Residues 1L

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FILACR10 is a cleaner for epoxy residues.  Full details below.

Always check on a small area before widespread use.

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Available in one litre bottle.

CAUTION:  Do not use on absorbent materials, wood nor methacylate surfaces.  Before using this cleaner, carry out a test on a small surface area to check that it is actually resistant to the product and the optimum waiting times for best results (for example temperature can impact waiting times).  Check the resistance of metal surfaces to the product before use.

Use for;

  • Polished quarry tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glazed ceramic tiles
  • Glass mosaic

Coverage with one litre;

  • Up to 10m2


  • High viscosity liquid detergent for cleaning epoxy grout residues, stains and streaks from wall and floor surfaces.
  • Ideal for non-absorbent materials such as porcelain, glazed ceramic and glass mosaics.


  • Due to its viscosity it removes epoxy grout stains and above from surfaces.
  • It is also effective in removing significant, consolidated residues.
  • Does not affect material.
  • Easy application.
  • Pleasant almond fragrance.


Method of use

Dilution: from pure to 1:1 depending on the type of residues.

Shake before use.  Removal of consolidated filler residues (once the applied grout filler is ready for use):apply the undiluted product using a flat brush and thoroughly cover all residues. Leave for about 30 minutes.  Rub with an abrasive sponge or spatula to remove larger residues. A single-disc machine fitted with a suitable disc can be used for floors. Rinse thoroughly. In case of stubborn residues, repeat the application and leave the product to act for longer.  Removal of fresh residues:wait roughly one hour after grouting. Dilute the product 1:1 in water. Apply and work over using a soft pad without applying excessive pressure. Rinse thoroughly. To avoid ruining fresh grouts, do not leave the product to act for more than 2-3 minutes.

Download technical brochure.  filacr10-ing

Download brochure  Fila CR10


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