FILAPS87 De-greasing, stain removing detergent 1L or 5L


FILAPS87 is a de-greasing, stain-removing detergent.  When diluted it cleans and removes grease.  Full details below.

Always check on a small area before widespread use.

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Choose between one litre or five litres.

CAUTION:  Do not use on polished marble or new stone. Do not use on wood.  Do not use on methacrylate tubs.  Linoleum carry out a spot test beforehand to check colour fastness.  Before using this detergent, carry out a test on a small surface area to check that it is actually resistant to the product.

Use for;

  • Terracota
  • Quarry tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Unpolished stone and agglomerates
  • Glazed ceramic tiles
  • Concrete
  • Linoleum and PVC

Coverage with one litre;

  • Maintenance 1:20    200m2
  • Wax removal 1:5  20m2
  • Initial stone wash 1:5   30m2


  • When diluted, it cleans and removes grease from dirty floors in porcelain, ceramics, natural stone, terracotta and cement.
  • When undiluted, it removes stubborn stains from porcelain floor tiles.
  • Excellent for basic cleaning of natural stones that are sensitive to acids.
  • Ideal for basic cleaning of cement surfaces.
  • Wax-remover for water-based, metallic and re-polishable waxes.
  • Eliminates pre-treatment residues from polished porcelain tiles.


  • A 3-in-one product: cleaner, stain-remover, wax-remover.
  • The only one that can eliminate stubborn stains from porcelain tiles.
  • It cleans but does not attack.
  • Extremely easy to use.

Method of use

Dilution: according to use.

For cleaning and de-greasing all surfaces
Dilute in water (1:10-1:20) and apply to the surface. Leave to act for 4-5 minutes before brushing with a single-disc professional cleaner or large brush. Use a cloth or “aqua vac” to remove residues and then rinse thoroughly.For more intense cleaning of organic build up, dilute 1:5.To remove stains from porcelain floor tilesPour undiluted onto the stain and the whole tile. Leave until it is totally dry, wash and rinse.To remove waxDilute 1:5, apply to surface and leave for 10 minutes. Clean using a single-disc cleaning machine. Use cloth or liquid vacuum cleaner to remove residues and then rinse thoroughly.

Download technical brochure.  filaps87-ing

Download brochure Fila PS87


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