FILAPT10 Glossy Wet-Look Colour Enhancer 1L

£34.92 exc.VAT (£41.90 inc.VAT)

FILAPT10 is a wet-look colour enhancer for terracotta and stone.  Full details below.

Always check on a small area before widespread use.

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Available in one litre bottles.

CAUTION: For surfaces with low absorbency (slate, Botticino or Carrara marble) we recommend diluting the product with water (1:1 dilution).
Do not use on polished surfaces.  Do not apply the product externally if rain is forecast.  The product cannot be applied to supports with problems connected with rising damp.
If product has been wrongly applied or if a thorough cleaning is required, remove FILAPT10 using FILANOPAINT STAR

Use for;

  • Terracotta
  • Unpolished stone and agglomerates
  • Tufo

Coverage with one litre;

  • Terracotta tuscan, rustic  15/20m2
  • Terracotta handmade, Spanish, hollow, 7/10m2
  • Rubber/PVC, plastics, laminates, linoleum, resin (undiluted)  30m2 or (diluted 1:10) 300m2
  • Stone  10-20m2


  • A colour-enhancing, water and oil repellent sealer that protects outdoor surfaces in terracotta, unpolished natural stone and agglomerates.
  • It protects surfaces against stains and dirt and is therefore the ideal product for use near kitchens, barbecues and on driveways where cars are parked.


  • It enhances surfaces, providing a wet look.
  • It is a water-based product and so it is more environmentally friendly. It drastically reduces treatment time as it can be applied to surfaces still not completely dry.
  • Highly resistant to light and heavy traffic.
  • Weather resistant
  • Treated surfaces are easier to clean.
  • Does not alter terracotta frost resistance.

Method of use

No dilution required: ready to use.
Shake before use. With the surface clean and dry, apply FILAPT10 evenly, using a large flat paintbrush, fleece applicator pad or roller, also working well into the grouting.  As this is a water-based product, it stands up to residual humidity and can therefore even be applied just a few days after initial

Apply a second coat of the product 2-3 hours later following the same method.

Wait at least 12 hours before walking on the surface.

Download technical brochure.  FILAPT10_3 EN

Download brochure.  filapt10-ing



    This product has extremely low VOC emissions: certified GEV-EMICODE® – EC1Plus


    This product has extremely low VOC emissions and contributes towards LEED credits.


    The product does not alter terracotta frost resistance.

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