Half Bullnose Profiling Device for use with Free-Cut system

£240.00 exc.VAT (£288.00 inc.VAT)

The Raimondi Half-Bullnose Profiling Device for profiling tiles.  Use in connection with Free-Cut Cutting System for slabs up to a maximum length over three metres (with extension).

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The Raimondi half-bullnose Profiling cutting system cuts is designed for applying a half bullnose profile edge to tiles.  It takes two types of 120mm diamond wheel, 6mm and 10mm. The profiling device can be used on tiles up to 25mm thick but at that thickness it will only bullnose the top part of the tile.

Equiped with semi-universal attachment compatible wioth the most popular brands of angle grinders.

Suggested speed of the wheels 4,000rpm, approximate power of angle grinder 1200W.

Diamond wheels not included – see 179FLEX006SE for the 6mm wheel or 179FLEX010SE for the 10mm wheel.

Use in conjunction with the Free-Cut Cutting System which is suitable for cutting small to large tiles or slabs up to a maximum length of over 3000mm. The FREE-CUT system is designed to accept a number of different attachments for cutting and shaping tiles, including very large slabs.  See FREE-CUT for the range of products

Also consider the modular bench BM180, what a combination!

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  • 90° Cutting Unit n/a
  • 35/55° Cutting Unit n/a
  • Thick Tile Pliers n/a
  • Vacuum Suction Cups n/a