Iperbet Mixer with Buckets

£740.00 exc.VAT (£888.00 inc.VAT)

The Raimondi Iperbet mixer is ideal for mixing all kinds of tiling products.

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The Raimondi Iperbet mixer is ideal for mixing tile adhesives, thinsets, mortar or plaster, concrete, grouts etc. Mixing at low speeds does not trap air and provides a homogenous mix. The paddle is fixed while the bucket rotates, providing a higher level of operator safety and easy checking of the mix. Supplied with two buckets and standard mixing blade and hex key.

Additional Information


  • Mass Breaker Tool n/a
  • Fluid Mixture Tool n/a


  • Rotating Bucket n/a
  • Bucket Capacity 45l
  • Legs With Wheels n/a
  • Reducer n/a
  • Double Blade Tool n/a