Jackoboard Aqua Flat drains, central or offset available


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Extremely thin version, just 20mm or 25mm thick.  Specifically developed for installation on suspended timber floors.

Central drain or offset.

Various sizes available;

  • 900x900x20mm central drain
  • 1200x900x20mm central drain
  • 1200x900x20mm offset drain 450/450
  • 1500x800x25mm offset drain 450/400

May be used with horizontal or vertical drains.

Read our PDF; JACKOBOARD Aqua Flat Timber Floors

Read our PDF; 4512293_JACKOBOARD_Aqua-Aqua_Flat_EN




Shower elements for barrier-free showers

  • For barrier-free showering
  • Extruded polystyrene foam shower element with special coating on both sides
  • Can be covered immediately with tiles
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Incorporated fall
  • Sealed drain flange
  • Central and offset drain available
  • Fall incorporated
  • Drainage rate > 0,85 l/s
  • Thicknesses: 20 and 25 mm
  • Special sizes and dimensions available on request
  • Complete with general building code test certificate (abP)

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