Kaufmann Topline ROCK Tile Cutting Machine with 2 Guide Rails


Kaufmann Topline ROCK tile cutters for professionals.  920mm or 1250mm cutting lengths.


Cuts towards the angle, the PRO cuts away from the angle

Comes with side supports, carrying handle and TiN tungsten carbide wheel.

These have two guide rails and wheels for ease of transport

Watch our video how to best use a tile cutter

See our video here  (NOTE:  video is of the PRO which cuts away from the angle but otherwise is similar to the ROCK, accessories are also shown)

Tilers Tools are official UK distributors for Kaufmann GmbH and carry a range of spare parts to keep your tile cutter in good working order.

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The Kaufmann Topline ROCK tile cutter is manufactured to high standards for use by professionals.  Offered in lengths from 920mm and 1250mm.

The double rail gives even stronger support for exact cuts.

These are robust machines designed to give many years service.

For use on tiles, slabs and mosaic made of porcelain, stoneware, earthenware and glass.

  • Solid guide bars for exact cuts
  • Cuts towards the angle
  • Optimal view of the cutting wheel for the right handed operator
  • Dust protected and precise ball-bearing cutting head (maintenance free)
  • Adjustable angle for 90° and 45° with 340mm scale and trapezium guidance
  • Lockable breaking device
  • Breaking device with high compressive force up to 1000kg and PVC safety pads
  • Spring supported overlay with anti-skid cellular rubber covering
  • Robust bottom made of steel
  • PVC feet with anti-slip protection, protects against scratches on finished tiles
  • Professional Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel ø22mm with TiN* coating
  • Side supports
  • Carrying handle for comfortable transport
  • Lockable cutting head for safe transport

*Titanium nitride (TiN) is an extremely hard ceramic material, often used as a coating on titanium alloys, steel, carbide, and aluminium components to improve the substrate’s surface properties.

Kaufmann are an Austrian company which designs and manufactures the highest quality tile cutters for professionals.  Tilers Tools stocks spare parts to keep your tile cutter in great shape for many years.


We sell four models of the world-leading Kaufmann professional tile cutters;

  • Topline STANDARD with the cutting direction towards the angle
  • Topline PRO cuts away from the angle.  Has a carrying handle, side supports and a better cutting wheel
  • Topline ROCK cuts towards the angle.  Has a carrying handle, side supports and a better cutting wheel than the STANDARD
  • Topline ROCK LIGHT.  As per ROCK but the bottom is made from lighter aluminium versus the steel on the ROCK
  • The 1250mm plus machines have double guide rails to maintain that perfect cut – doesn’t apply to STANDARD machines.



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