KERAKOLL Fugabella Eco Silicone Various Colours


Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Silicone in various colours.  Develops a high degree of adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces, guaranteeing the integrity and watertightness of ceramic coverings subject to deformation.

Ideal for use in GreenBuilding

See Kerakoll’s guide to laying floors and walls here;  Laying Guide systems_UK

Download the technical data sheet here; FUGABELLA_ECO_SILICONE_SD825(EN)

Download the product brochure here;  Fugabella technical guide

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Fugabella Eco Silicone is certified eco-friendly. The silicone is acetic, anti-mould organic sealant with a high level of elasticity for expansion-deformation joints.

Comes in a cartridge.

Eco-friendly with an Eco4 rating (SGS).  Ideal for use in GreenBuilding

Fugabella Eco Flex is very easy to clean and surfaces are quickly ready for normal use, even at low temperatures, ensuring resistance by creating a water-drop effect on floors and coverings exposed to heavy rainfall or frequent washing.

  • Collections of 28 colours plus transparent (we stock nine colours but can order other cours if required)
  • Suitable to seal porcelain and ceramic tiles

Shelf life 18 months


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