Microtitina Polishing Machine

£880.00 exc.VAT (£1,056.00 inc.VAT)

The Raimondi Microtitina Polishing Machine is equipped with a single rotating head and accommodating attachments with diameters between 100mm and 130mm and is a highly versatile machine for tight areas.

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The Raimondi Microtitina Polishing Machine is a handy and powerful poishing machine for completing jobs in those areas which are otherwise inaccessible for big and medium sized machines.  The light weight makes the machine easily transported.  Being light and versatile, it is ideal for performing reparation/restoration jobs as well as for grinding, finishing, polishing and crystalizing small areas such as steps and corners as well as finishing treatment close to walls.  It can be used with short and long handles according to need.  It is provided with a telescopic trolley for working on steps/stairs.  Micrometric height adjustment with level bubble included.  It fits tools with magnetic, VELCRO or M14 attachments (adapter for 14MA as necessary).

Suitable for tools with a diameter from 100mm up to 130mm.  Extra weight can be added with the accessory.  A 12ltr tank can also be purchased as an accessory (one of the photos in the gallery shows various attachments which can be purchased).

Supplied with; user and maintenance manual, pair of short handles, pair of long handles, liquid protection ring, adapter for magnetic attachement tools, adapter for VELCRO attachment tools, key kit.

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  • Tank n/a
  • Ballast n/a


  • Telescopic Handle n/a
  • Reducer n/a
  • User Required for Starting the Machine n/a
  • Speed Selector n/a