POWER RAIZOR with Grinder Cutting System for Large Format Tiles

£576.00 exc.VAT (£691.20 inc.VAT)

The Raimondi POWER RAIZOR Cutting System is suitable for cutting large tiles or slabs up to a maximum length of 332cm or greater when used with the RAIZOR CUTTING system.  The POWER RAIZOR comes with a 125mm diameter blade and can also be used to bullnose tiles 6mm or 10mm thick when used with a suitable bullnose wheel for sale separately.

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The Raimondi POWER RAIZOR with grinder (110V) enables the cutting of thicker tiles as well as taking a bullnose attachment for tiles either 6mm or 10mm thick (sold separately – see; 179FLEX006SE or 179FLEX010SE).  The assembly can be adjusted to cut the following angles;

  • 180°
  • 90°
  • 70°
  • 47°
  • 45°
  • 30°

Cutting depth, 20mm at 90° or 16mm at 45° or 180°

The system is used in combination with the RAIZOR CUTTING system, see link here.  Comes with assembly, grinder, instructions and 125mm diamond blade.

When used with the RAIZOR cutting system, it can achieve cutting lengths up to a maximum length of 332cm. Cutting length can be increased to over 4LM by adding extensions.

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View the full PDF here; POWER RAIZOR

View a detailed video here (note it is around 16 minutes long, designed for those wishing to view detailed set up)

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  • 90° Cutting Unit n/a
  • 35/55° Cutting Unit n/a
  • Thick Tile Pliers n/a
  • Vacuum Suction Cups n/a