Profilitec UPTEC Dry-Lay System. Three Function Key

£63.55 exc.VAT (£76.26 inc.VAT)

SUPAK three function key to;

  • adjust height of pedestals
  • fix the self-levelling head, and
  • break off the tabs on the SUPA2 or SUPA4

Painted steel construction for long life.

Buy with confidence – you never need to run out of stock, merely buy more UPTEC parts than you anticipate and we will provide a full refund for any unopened cartons returned to us in good condition.

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The UPTEC family of dry-lay products for installing 20mm porcelain in patios, terraces and balconies.

The three function key is manufactured in steel for long-lasting use.  It’s three functions are to;

  • Adjust the height to the pedestals
  • Switch from fixed to self-levelling head, and
  • Remove tabs from the SUPA2 or SUPA4 rubber caps

Uptec comprises only four parts necessary for installation;

  1. SUPAL is a low-level pedestal with a floating head that can be fixed and height variable between 28-43mm
  2. SUPAS is a base pedestal, also with a floating head that is capable of being fixed and height variable from 43-58mm, however the SUPAS is capable of being extended to any height with the addition of intermediate rings, SUPAR
  3. SUPAR are the intermediate rings to be used with the SUPAS.  Each SUPAR adds up to 30mm extra but are fully height adjustable
  4. SUPA2 or SUPA4 are the sound-dampening, top rubber caps.  The SUPA2 is for 2mm joints while the SUPA4 is for 4mm joints.

Advantages of the UPTEC system;

  • Self-levelling head, or simple switch to a fixed head
  • Flexible height, just add intermediate SUPAR modular rings
  • Much less stock to carry for each job
  • Use the three function key to adjust, fix and break spacer tabs
  • Top rubber SUPA2 or SUPA4 deadens sounds
  • Space no more than 600mm between pedestals
  • Excellent drainage
  • Always flat surfaces and easily accessible
  • Excellent access to hidden pipes and equipment
  • Exceptional load-bearing strength

With our buy-back scheme, you never need to run out of product while installing a project.

See our laying guide;Profilitec_manual_ENFRES_WEB (5)

See our brochure; Profilitec_manual_ENFRES_WEB (5)

See our video here

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