RAI-CUT Frame with universal attachment for angle grinder

£124.00 exc.VAT (£148.80 inc.VAT)


The Raimondi RAI-CUT frame allows most 115mm angle grinders to be used to cut adjustable grooves in the back of tiles and stone for mechanical fixing.

View the RAI-FIX laboratory test reports and specifications here.

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The Raimondi RAI-CUT frame with universal attachment for 115mm angle grinders (max thickness 3cm).  The Frame is adjustable to vary the depth of the cut to accommodate both the 8mm and 6mm steel plates.

The Raimondi Rai-Cut Grooving Tool is intended for use with the Rai-Fix Mechanical Fixing System steel plates (select size of steel plates on our website) for wall installation of tiles and stone slabs. The grooving tool has a universal attachment fur use with a suitable angle grinder.  The Rai-Cut positions the cuts of the required groove to the correct depth and angle in the back of the tile or stone and is adjustable to accommodate the 6mm and 8mm plates.  The maximum cut thickness is 3cm.

Mechanical fixing tiles and stone is a legal requirement depending on height and size of the materials being used.  Note that the system is not for dry fixing, but requires suitable adhesive is used.

NOTE; angle grinder is not included and not all angle grinders are suitable.