Spare Parts for the RV175mm Raimondi Vacuum Cup


Spare parts for the Raimondi RV175 vacuum cup.  Replacement gauge, rubber pad and vacuum release valve.  Select which parts you require to keep your RV175 in tip-top condition.

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The Raimondi RV175mm vacuum suction cup creates a tight grip, even on textured materials.  It will work on non-porous stone as well as porcelain and composite materials.  To maintain your vacuum cup in good condition, use genuine Raimondi spare parts.  We stock

  • Replacement rubber pad which comes with a plastic ring (install around the edge of the rubber) and felt discs to protect the airways
  • A replacement vacuum release valve which comes with installation screws
  • A replacement vacuum gauge which comes with a rubber seal

Select which spare part you require.


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