LX3D IMEX Three Dimensional Line Laser


Most versatile multi-line laser available.  Imex laser line level, one horizontal and two verticle lines.  Choose red or green – the green gives greater visibility.  The ultimate choice for tilers

Download PDF for the red LX3DR

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LX3D IMEX Three Dimensional Line Laser

The latest in laser technology, the LX3D three dimension line laser provides one horizontal line and two vertical lines, all with a full 360° lines.  With an offset 90° line and a versatile mounting bracket, the Imex LX3D is the most versatile multi-laser available.  With self-levelling, fine adjustment and fully enclosed laser diodes, the LX3D is easy to use, highly accurate and robustly housed.

Choose between the red or green laser.  The green laser gives better visibility.


  • Two year warranty
  • High visibility uninterrupted lines
  • Longest run time up to 20 hours
  • Lithium ion recharging
  • 1m drop test
  • 70°C oven test winner


Kit includes;

  • Multifunction base mount bracket with magnetic clamp, tripod attachment and unique mounting optional positions
  • Target plate
  • Hard padded case
  • Lithium ion charger

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