Bolt 90 Bridge Wet Saw Machine

Bolt 90 Bridge Saw Machine

The Raimondi Bolt 90 Bridge Wet Saw Machine is suitable for cutting porcelain, single and double fired, red ceramic, marble, granite etc. Its 250mm diameter disc and 1.5HP motor provide a maximum cut length of 90cm and depth of 5.5cm in a single pass. This wet cutter also supports plunge cutting. For diagonal cutting the maximum tile size is 63 x 63cm. Aluminium sliding bar, pivots, disc cover, adjustable square and easy-to-remove work benches make for easy cleaning and maximum sturdiness. The motor is held by a galvanised metal frame and moves on 4 polypropylene pulleys, each reinforced with two bearings. The pulleys are easy to readjust and tighten to avoid play and provide a long-last precise cut. With superior double jet blade water-cooling and a tilting movement for 0/47° angle cuts. Supplied with a 250mm diamond disc and dressing stone.

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This is the first ever TILERS TOOLS GRAND SALE.  The sale items are not available online, but they can be explored on this website, just click on the photo.  Should you wish to buy anything in the sale, call Andy on 01565 344860, or drop us an email at;

Remember, when the sale items are gone, they are gone, so hurry and grab yourself a bargain. Tilers Tools reserves the right to terminate the sale without notice.

Item Code Normal retail price Sale price % Discount off RRP
Exploit 70 wet saw 393N  070GB £790.91 £600 24%
Bolt 90 wet saw 225MS 90GB £990.91 £800 19%  
Bolt 120 wet saw 225MS 120GB £1127.27 £900 20%  
Bolt 150 wet saw 225MS 150GB £1200 £1000 17%  
Supereco 98 table saw 378GB £282 £190 33%  
High quality diamond blade for porcelain 179CC350B £225.45 £150 33%  
BM180 Bench 394MARAI £425.45 £320 25%  
Digital mixer 301W1400CDGB £172.73 £130 25%  
Molosso vibration machine 350R9 GB £1636.36 £1300 21%  
Dobermann vibration machine 107USA £1136.36 £850 25%  
Microtitina 206 110GB £727.27 £550 24%  
T Move 169DUN R £1450 £1150 21%  
Easy move 169DTE plus

Complete set and varies component parts to make your own

 Call for details Big discount available  Easy Move Vacuum 169DTECT
Free cut extension bar 1000mm 169FC100PN £172.73 £130 25%  
Free Cut Mitre assembly 169GTJOH £180 £135 25%  
Free Cut bullnose device 169GSAG OH £218.18 £165 24%  
Mortar spreader 141PASQ £9.91 £6 39%  
Maxititina brushes 209 £62 £40 35%  
Jollyna 431J2015GB £1609.09 £1200 25%  
Grout float 136NECO £4.73 £3 37%  
RLS Clips 1mm box of 3000 180BS0001C3000 £187.27 £140 25%  
RLS Box of 250 clips x 10no 180BS0001C0250 £193.2 £135 30%  RLS 1.5mm Clips
Knee pads 138SOFF £19.82 £15 24%  Knee Pads
Mosaic expert £28 £20 29%  
Bi bulldog bullnose machine 428GB £2818.18 £2100 25%  
Double Easy Move large slab handling frame with double suction cups and cross beam  169DTNCT £709.09  £500  29%  
IMEX Laser levels & Measuring
Cross line/dot laser kit GREEN BEAM LX22G £315.8 £250 21%  IMEX LX22 Two Line Laser red or green
Cross line/dot laser kit RED BEAM LX22R £171 £140 18%  IMEX LX22 Two Line Laser red or green
Cross line/5 dot RED BEAM laser LX25P £209 £170 19%  IMEX LX25P Line and Dot Laser
Cross line/5 dot GREEN BEAM laser LX25PG £317.5 £255 20%  
Pro Digital Level 600mm EL60L £56.4 £45 20%  
Bullseye Laser Distance Measure 30m IOBE30 £69 £50 28%  IMEX Bullseye 30 Measure Pen
Rotating Laser Kit GREEN BEAM with upgraded LRX6 receiver (includes tripod and pole) 99DG £1548.30 £1070 31%  
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Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws – best value deals from Tilers Tools

Zoe 130 Bridge Saw Machine

Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws. Which one is correct?  Wet Saws, Wet Cutters or Bridge Saws?  Whether you use the term wet saws (most popular), wet cutters or bridge saws to find what you are searching for on the Web, the range of saws on offer can make decision making difficult.

At Tilers Tools, we only stock Raimondi wet saws.  The build quality is good and the cost is competitive, meaning they are great value.  We only offer the best wet saws, the best tile saws and the best bridge saws on sale in the UK.

The Raimondi Range of Saws

We stock four families of Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws in a variety of sizes. So there are usually ten different permutations in stock to choose from.  In our view, this ought to provide a suitable range of machines.  From entry level bridge saws to heavy duty wet cutters for large projects, Tilers Tools sell them all.  Raimondi manufacture over twenty different family/size combinations and we can order any that we do not usually stock.  The following table shows the comparison between the most frequently bought wet saws (click on the picture to expand);

Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws

We stock the following Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws which can be viewed individually in this Website.  All the machines we stock are 110V, suitable for use on site.

Exploit Saws – the entry level saw

Exploit 70 and Exploit 90.  These are the entry level machines with a 0.9HP motor and fixed water tank.  It’s used for lighter, smaller material but can cut up to 700mm long and 45mm deep in a single pass. It uses either a 180mm or 200mm diamond blade.  It can also plunge cut and can be angled to cut mitred/bevelled edges.  The Exploit 90 is similar to the Exploit 70 but can cut longer material (up to 900mm long).

Bolt Saws – for deeper cutting

Bolt 90, Bolt 120 and Bolt 150.  The Bolt has a more powerful 1.3HP motor.  It has similar attributes to the Exploit but uses a larger 250mm diamond blade.  This allows for a cutting depth of 55mm on a single pass.

Pikus – for even stronger cutting

Pikus 105 and Pikus 130.  The Pikus has a similar motor to the Bolt but has a belt transmission which produces cutting power stronger than the Bolt.  The Pikus has a plastic removable tray to make cleaning much easier.  It will cut through material 55mm thick in a single pass.

Zoe – for the ultimate cutting experience

ZOE 105, ZOE 130 and ZOE 150.  This is by far the most popular wet saw we sell and has had great reviews from our clients – a national paving supplier described it as the best wet saw they had ever seen.  The ZOE has a powerful 2.2HP motor, capable of cutting really challenging materials such as granite and thick porcelain tiles.  It has become a favourite with landscapers as well as tilers.  The ZOE has the removable tank, uses a 350mm diameter diamond blade and will cut through 120mm thick material on a single pass.

Give us a call if you wish to buy the best tile saw, the best wet saw or the best bridge saw on sale in the UK for professional tilers and landscape professionals.  01565 344860

All of our Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws are described in our Website pages.  If you’d like to chat about your requirements and discuss the best machine for your project, please call us.  Our National Sales and Marketing Director is Jim Stott on 07860 502410.  Jim is a professional tiler with decades of tiling experience and fully understands tilers’ needs.  Alternatively call Stuart, Tilers Tools’ MD, on 01565 344860

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