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Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom

Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom.  These porcelain planks were being laid one-third brick bonded.

Despite a slight bend in the tiles, lipping was avoided by using the Raimondi Levelling System (RLS) supplied by Tilers Tools.  You can see the full range here

tile levelling, tile leveling, raimondi, tilers tools
Large area of tiles in a new car showroom – despite the tiles being lipped the RLS by Tilers Tools ensured a nice level surface


R.L.S. has a range of high quality clips (bases) which meets all Tilers Tools’ clients’ needs – here’s some technical stuff!

TECHNICAL FEATURES for Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools

R.L.S. offers several kind of clips suitable for materials of minimum thickness 3 mm and maximum 20 mm (1/8” – 3/4”) and which leave joint between the tiles of 1.5 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm (1/16” – 1/8” – 5/32”).

All R.L.S. clips have the breaking point very close to the plane where the tiles lay (1.2 mm – 3/64”). This means the system can be used without any problem even on very thin tiles (3 mm – 1/8”) since it still remains a gap of 1.8 mm (5/64”) for the grout.

Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom
Detailed view of one of the RLS range of clips

R.L.S. clips are made with premium quality plastics whose composition has been severely tested to ensure the perfect balance between elasticity and resistance.

R.L.S. clips are available in a various packaging (from 100 and up to 2,000 pieces) to best fit the needs and consumption of each job site..

The RLS is suitable for all tile installations – this picture is of the Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom – shop floors, factories, car showrooms are all ideal locations.

Shopfitters, contractors and architects  are all specifiying Tilers Tools as the only authorised supplier of Ramondi equipment in the UK.

All the models of the R.L.S. clips use the same wedge and the same pliers.

The pliers are, of course, also available on the tilers tools website here

and there’s a great video on youtube of theRaimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom – just click below or here

Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom

Now introducing the New VITE rapid levelling system – saves time and money – Raimondi Levelling System supplied by Tilers Tools at showroom


  • Caps are placed on-top of the threads to be tightened
  • Caps spin and tightens with just two fingers
  • Grip points are established on caps, spin until it reaches the tile
  • Tighten caps so it levels itself between spaces which removes lippage
  • Once adhesive is set simply remove caps by hitting with a rubber mallet or use the Clip Dozer
  • Caps are specially designed with hollow spaces to see grout joints
  • Suitable for both tile sides and intersections
  • The VITE does not require any tools
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Raimondi ECO compact saw, 23 years old still going strong

Our good client Steve Sinnott is a specialist in refurbishing Victorian tiled floors.  Steve’s attention to detail and an eye for good quality products means he’s in constant demand for renovation projects in the UK and abroad.  Steve’s Raimondi ECO compact saw, 23 years old still going strong

Amongst Steve’s selection of saws and tools is his Raimondi compact saw which he has used regularly for 23 years.  Steve is very pleased with its performance.  You can see all the specs here  – available now from Tilers Tools

The photos below shows the after and before on a floor Steve renovated – great work Steve!

Steve can be contacted;

Heritage Tiling & Restoration Co

Office: 0151 920 7349

Mob: 07946 478901

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National Paving Supplier bowled over with trials of ZOE Wet Saw

We recently met with a well known, national supplier of paving.  We demonstrated the ZOE wet saw (or bridge saw) and left them with a model to use for themselves.

Results were great!  And their judgement?

  • it is quiet
  • it has a strong build quality is a lot less messy than other brands they’d tried,
  • the cutting quality is impressive
  • overall that it is the best bridge saw they have experienced.

As a result they were so impressed that they bought one for their own use.

The photos show samples of the sort of paving the company and their clients need to cut.  The Zoe wet saw cuts as cleanly as a whistle and with minimum effort.

National paving suplier trial 2 National paving supplier trial 1

Zoe – for the ultimate cutting experience

ZOE 105, ZOE 130 and ZOE 150.  This is by far the most popular wet saw we sell and has had great reviews from our clients – a national paving supplier described the ZOE Wet Saw as the best wet saw they had ever seen.  The ZOE Wet Saw has a powerful 2.2HP motor, capable of cutting really challenging materials such as granite and thick porcelain tiles.  Because of this it is fast becoming a favourite with landscapers as well as tilers.  The ZOE has the removable tank, uses a 350mm diameter diamond blade and will cut through 120mm thick material on a single pass.

Our website pages describe all of our Wet Saws, Wet Cutters & Bridge Saws.  Please read our blog on the full Raimondi range here.  If you’d like to chat about your requirements and discuss the best machine for your project, please call us.  Our National Sales and Marketing Director is Jim Stott on 07860 502410.  Jim is a professional tiler with decades of tiling experience and, as a result, fully understands tilers’ needs.  Alternatively call Stuart, Tilers Tools’ MD, on 01565 750 666

Tilers Tools is part of the Aquacut Group.  Aquacut Ltd – Waterjet cutters  Tilers Tools – agents for Raimondi  TT Trims – agents for Profilitec Trims

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