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Tilers Tools explains new Going Greener policy

Tilers Tools explains new Going Greener policy.  Tilers Tools are going green. Some customers were surprised when they receive a carton from us that may appear to be for a different product.  For example, we have been known to send out goods in a box that may have contained a vacuum cleaner. We had purchased this for our own use.

Please rest assured that we only sell genuine Raimondi goods and the ‘foreign’ box is merely our attempt to recycle as much as possible.  It also means that we can maintain our low packaging costs and, thereby, the price to our customers.

Tilers Tools explains new “Going Greener” policy.  Their sister company, Aquacut Ltd, is at the head of innovative “green” practices in the industry.  For example they have recently installed state of the art water recirculation machinery to minimise water consumption.  At the Aquacut Group’s new headquarters in Appleton near Warrington brand new LED lighting is being incorporated into the building work.  An estimated saving of £000’s in electricity costs is expected and a resultant reduction in greenhouse gases.  Turning off all the heating in winter was also considered but the workforce took a dim view of such a policy!

Tilers Tools and the Aquacut group also work closely with their suppliers to minimise transport costs.  We ensure as full a load as possible for shipping either from our Italian suppliers or within the UK.  All pallets and other packaging material such as polystyrene and plastic wraps are reused as much as is possible.

Feedback from our customers is very positive as we know that you value our ‘green’ efforts.  So if you have any suggestions as to how Tilers Tools could further reduce their impact on the environment then please let us know at

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