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About us – Tilers Tools – part of the Aquacut Group

About us – Tilers Tools – part of the Aquacut Group – Tilers Tools is one of three trading divisions of Aquacut Limited, a company with a long history serving the building industry.

Tilers Tools

Established to serve tiling, landscaping, and building professionals throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Based in Cheshire, North West England, Tilers Tools is the official Raimondi UK distributor.  We sell and deliver Raimondi equipment tools and consumables in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Tilers Tools are also UK distributors for;

  • EMCO, selling their world-leading entrance mats and swimming pool grills
  • Fila, selling their world-leading solutions for cleaning and maintaining porcelain and stone
  • Kaufmann, selling their highest quality tile cutters and tiling consumables
  • Kerakoll, selling their world-leading adhesives and grouts

Tilers Tools stocks a comprehensive range of equipment, tools, and consumables for professional tilers, professional landscapers, and professional builders. We stock thousands of tools, consumables, and equipment such as;

  • Wet saws, tile saws, bridge saws, brick saws, stone cutting, and saws for special jobs
  • Bullnose machines such as the Bi-Bulldog
  • Mitre saws
  • Diamond saw blades
  • Mechanical fixing tools and RAI FIX steel blades
  • Bench drills and hole cutting machines
  • Diamond drill bits
  • Diamond wheels
  • Electric mixers for grout and thin spread compounds
  • Fluid mixers
  • Electic vibrators for setting tiles and stone in floors and walls
  • Electric screeding machine
  • Floor preparation machines such as the Maxititina and Ipertitina which may be used for sanding, polishing and restoring floors
  • Electric sponge machines such as the BERTA which makes cleaning large areas, including excess epoxy faster
  • Washboys
  • Sponges, floats, and grouting tools
  • A large variety of trowels
  • Various special tools to make life easier
  • Market-leading Raimondi levelling system, RLS which includes wedges, clips, spacers, and pliers
  • Spacers of all shapes and sizes
  • Large slab and very large tile handling equipment, including large tile cutting equipment, large tile handling equipment
  • Side tables, specialist workbenches with a large variety of attachments to make the tiler’s life easier and a more professional finish.
The fantastic T-move system supplied by Tilers Tools – easy to use and prevents breakages and makes applying large format tiles like child’s play – find out more here


Tilers Tools is an e-commerce, telephone and email ordering multi-channel business, established to serve tiling, landscape and building professionals in the most convenient manner for clients. Tilers Tools is the UK distributor for Raimondi.  From discussions with many people working in the building industry, it is clear that there is a demand for high class tools, conveniently offered at reasonable prices aimed at the tiling, landscape and building industry. Tilers Tools fills that gap throughout the UK.

Jim Stott is our National Sales and Marketing Director and often delivers larger pieces of equipment personally – Jim is a professional tiler with many years experience and is always happy to answer questions about Raimondi equipment.

Tilers Tools has an extensive stock of Raimondi equipment, tools and consumables for tiling shown in these web pages.  We usually seek to despatch the next working day.  For less frequently bought products which we do not normally stock, we can order these specially, however delivery could take up to four weeks.

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Raimondi S.p.A.

Italy is famed for its world-leading position in the tiling industry and has many world famous businesses serving that sector. Raimondi (visit website.) is one of those with a first class reputation. Located in Modena at the heart of the tiling industry, the company has very close links to ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers so is able to design products in response to innovations and developments in tile manufacturing, including handling, cutting and laying the very large format tiles which are increasingly popular today.

Since 1974, Raimondi manufactures and assembles in Italy, so its products are of high quality designed to give long faithful service. Over the years the company has developed an extensive range of tools and consumables for the professional tiler. The company invests significantly in research and design, ensuring its products lead the market.

Through the years Raimondi S.p.A. has always adhered to three basic principles: Quality; Innovation; Effectiveness.


EMCO BAU are a German designer and manufacturer of entrance matting and swimming pool grills.  EMCO’s products are world-leading and are installed in premiss around the world.  We stock EMCO’s modular Aviator and Connexx systems and can supply these for next day delivery from our warehouse in Cheshire.


FILA are an Italian formulator and manufacturer of innovative cleaning and maintenance solutions for porcelain and stone.  FILA have very stong green credentials and their products really need to be tried to understand just how good they are – everything from protection whilst installing, cleaning after installation, mantenance, protection and sain removal chemicals, most being water based.


Kaufmann are an Austrin designer and manufacturer of the best tile cutters on the market.  We stock a large supply of Kaufmann cutters as well as accessories for next day delivery.  Feel free to drop into our Warehouse in Appleton (just a few minutes from the M56/M6 jundtion) and try out the best tile cutters you can buy.


Kerakoll is another of the first rate Italian suppliers whose products we sell.  Kerakoll have invested heavily in removing the nasties from adhesives and grouts.  Many of their products are rated ECO-friendly as a result.  While Kerakoll’s products may cost a few pennies more, they are much easier to apply and have better adhesion and mobility benefits than cementitious provided by their competitors whi stck to the old-fashioned products.

Aquacut Limited

Aquacut is another trading division of Aquacut Limited.  The company was established in the 1990’s to provide waterjet cutting services to the building industry. Around 90% of its sales are to businesses in that sector and its products are shipped around the world, such is the company’s reputation.

Visit our website; http://www.aquacut.co.uk/

In response to market demand, Aquacut has developed expertise in a unique range of services around building finishes in tiles or stone. While water jet cutting remains an important activity valued by our clients, around half of Aquacut’s business arises from the company’s added value services. These services include bullnosing, etching, painting, epoxy bonding, sand-blasting, mechanical fixing, templating, step tread manufacture, anti-slip surfaces/designs, swimming pool features such as pool nosings and drainage tiles and production of corporate logos.

Combining a number of the services offered, Aquacut’s clients can showcase their design capability by creating bespoke building finishes that are unique, beautiful and highly functional.

Aquacut’s experienced team are always happy to discuss clients’ evolving ideas, however tentative these may be.