110V Transformer for ZOE Wet/Bridge saws

£260.00 exc.VAT (£312.00 inc.VAT)

230V to 110V transformer for ZOE wet saw 230V / 110V

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Purpose made transformer commissioned by Tilers Tools


This is a continuous run transformer – be wary of using cheap transformers.  It steps power from 230V to 110V with 2no 16A sockets and  1no 32A socket (for ZOE wet saw).  The continuous run is necessary to handle the power demands of the powerful Raimondi ZOE motor.

Additional Information


  • Continual Crown Disc n/a
  • Turbo Disc n/a
  • Special Disc For Porcelain n/a
  • Sector Disc n/a


  • Left 45/90° Square n/a
  • 90° Square n/a
  • Folding Extension Bench n/a
  • Tile Stopper Device n/a
  • Cutting Guide n/a
  • Extension Bench with Rollers n/a
  • Laser n/a
  • Wheel Kit Feed n/a
  • Telescopic Side Square n/a
  • Increased Flanges n/a


  • Disc Diameter 300 – 350mm
  • Hole Diameter 25.4mm
  • Disk Bench Clearance 180mm
  • Max Thickness 240mm
  • Removable Tank n/a
  • Folding Motor Group n/a
  • Plunge System n/a
  • Variable Trim Cover n/a
  • Belt Transmission n/a
  • 45°/90° Square n/a
  • Adjustable Square n/a
  • Adjustable Sliding Device n/a
  • Telescopic Legs n/a
  • Legs With Wheels n/a
  • Pump Cooling n/a
  • Jet Wet Cooling n/a


  • Sector Disc Diameter 360mm / 14″
  • Cutting Thickness 120mm / 4.75″
  • Mitering Thickness 80 mm
  • Cutting Length 105cm
  • Cutting Width
  • Diagonal Cut 75 x 75cm

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